Autographer is a wearable camera that catches your life experiences automatically, so you can always live the moment. It’s clever modular design allows it to blend with your style and adapt to any situation.

Studio Wood supported Autographer with the design, strategy, manufacture, UI and UX.


Autographer Alcantara

Fabric covers

We wanted to add a degree of customisation and warmth to the camera. To do this we designed interchangable Alcantara fabric covers.

The covers soften the tech read of the device, allowing a greater deal of comfort when wearing. The interchangeability of the covers means the camera will fit any situation, any occasion.



Creating a small camera that can function on and off the body provides a number of problems. Clothing is incredibly variable, to allow the maximum amount of potential for the camera to work in all situations we designed a number of modular clips to work in different situations. These included a conventional spring steel clip, broach clip, magnetic clip and a tri-pod mount for off the body time-lapse use.

Maintaining aspect ratio when shooting can also be problematic. To counter this we created a rear dock on the camera that allows 90 degree rotations of the various accessories, allowing the user to set the camera up to shoot in portrait or landscape, as they desire.


respecting privacy

During the design process we were very aware of the privacy issues a wearable camera presents. We aimed to tackle this through two means; the function and visual design.

Functionally we added the ability to rotate the cameras magnetic cover. This revealed the 'sleep' logo and allowed the label to cover the cameras light sensor, putting the camera into sleep mode.

A big barrier to people wearing Autographer's original camera was discomfort. The camera presented itself as very technological, creating discomfort in some users. From an aesthetic point of view, we aimed to create a new device that felt in-keeping with a users wardrobe, but allowed a degree of customisation. This meant it could fit in with peoples attire, without being a 'spy-camera'.

Process Prototypes

a complete system

Studio Wood worked to understand and design the entire product system. This involved understanding how the UX worked in synergy between the physical device and the paired app. To do this we designed the application UX & UI in-sync with the product to generate a fluid user experience.

The application acts primarily as a platform to access generated media, but also as a video editor and a means to access the deeper settings of the physical device.

App Design
App Design Process