Studio Wood is a strategically led human-centred Industrial Design studio based in Bournemouth, on the UK’s south coast. We’re a nimble team that offers close collaboration on all projects, preferring to work with you rather than for you.

We’ve worked with Autographer to design the world’s first intelligent wearable camera. Joseph Joseph to develop numerous revolutionary products for the home, and more recently PiTop to enable the next generation of learners to transform the world around them.

Studio Wood - James Wood


After graduating from Bournemouth University in 2012 James worked as an industrial designer for Nokia, LG and numerous European consultancies.

In 2015 he founded Studio Wood with the aim to partner with like-minded companies that share his moral sensibilities and attitudes towards meaningful design.


We look to partner with clients that share our approach of human-centred, simple, honest design.

Sharing the same core design principles and product vision has led us to form strong trusting relationships where we can collectively create some revolutionary products.